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Simple, Powerful, easy to customize, and affordable modern CRM. Easy to implement and use across your entire organization


Looking for value addition in your business communication. Leverage the power of our AI enabled flow control and offer customers a niche experience at every touch points.


Engage more customers on multiple marketing channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp Cloud Business, RCS, Google RBM and many more OTT Channels


Thinking of customer first. Enhance your customer delight team and empower your customers to reach you when they need you over the channel more convenient to them.

No Code, App Integration With Just Clicks

Integrate your tools and automation workflow at single place. Connect all your applications at scale with just clicks

Stay Connected to the Apps you already use

Easily build and manage integrations, automate workflows, and exchange data between Mfluence CRM and every other application you use to run your business.

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Integrate, Collaborate and grow with unified platform

A modern scalable application that supports Sales, Marketing and Customer Service and multiple integration that helps go to market  team

Mfluenc’s versatile platform empowers sales, marketing, and customer service by providing applications for seamless integration. This modern and scalable solution unifies go-to-market teams, offering a consolidated customer perspective, and ultimately assists businesses in achieving smarter sales strategies, faster growth, and the cultivation of enduring customer relationships. capabilities. Seamlessly powered by CRM data, establish meaningful connections with customers at scale.

Power up 10X More Sales

Empower your team with a robust sales software that drives deal closure, strengthens relationships, and streamlines pipeline management — all within a unified platform

Unlock a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your sales process. From a robust sales CRM and sales engagement tools to quote and CPQ functionality, reporting, analytics, and beyond. Seamlessly integrate with over third party tools to create a unified ecosystem tailored to your unique needs.


Marketing Automation with AI

Supercharge your marketing efforts with our advanced software that accelerates revenue generation, optimizes resource utilization, and provides actionable insights to measure and optimize your marketing investments.

Unlock revenue-driving potential by strategically engaging leads through various channels like email, landing pages, forms, and more. Consolidate contact and campaign management into a single platform, leveraging automation tools to enhance efficiency and scalability. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with robust reporting capabilities. Seamlessly powered by CRM data, establish meaningful connections with customers at scale.

Automate Help desk and Ticketing

Help desk and ticketing system helps you deliver the best customer service  and manage customer conversations and improve collaboration

Customer base is growing. You need a professional help desk tool or ticketing system to record all interactions with your customers and enable SLA tracking to avoid any contract breach. mTicket takes care of entire help desk management for your business. You can also configure ticket assignment rule and and fulfilment logic

Contextual Conversation : Omnichannel Communication

Communicate with your customers over the channel they want to converse in real time

Mfluence offers you an option of integrating multiple modern day OTT and non OTT based  communication channel in a single app. A routing rule can be configured to route the right channel to the right user at the right time

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Multiple Channels

Brands can configure more than one communication channel for better customer engagement and brand loyalty

Predictive Tagging

AI engine helps agents by predicting and tagging keywords from conversation, guarantying speedy resolution

Operator Panel

Cloud based dedicated login for each operator to handle customer support from any corner of the globle

Contextual Routing

Take control of all conversations and route it to right agent or bot based on identity, logic, scope and other parameters

GUI based Logic Designer

No technical expertise required to create complex routing logic. Use GUI based tool to configure your routing rule.

Sticky Agent

Intelligent routing algorithm to find and attach a sticky agent to ensure repeated one to one chat with same agent

AI Assisted customer communication

90 percent of consumers expect the brands to respond in less than 8 hrs

Bring your own bot

All conversation across the channels goes through flow control automation engine. No technical expertise required to create GUI based routing rule with multiple scope, conditions and fulfilment. Global parameters based on working hours helps routing conversation to a bot or agent. Now you can bring your own favourite bot from Google Dialogflow or AWS Lex