Contextual Routing

Create a routing strategy that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction requires a routing strategy that incorporates software capable of rapidly linking your clients with the agent best suited to assist them

Key Benefits

Enrich customer satisfaction with contextual routing

Increase the value of conversations with routing automation based on customer profile, interaction history and intent

It saves time

Contextual routing lowers process bureaucracy. It demonstrates to your customers that you value their time and want to assist them in resolving their concerns as swiftly as feasible.

You save your customers the bother of wasting time chatting with one agent before realising they need to speak with another agent by employing contextual routing. It also cuts down on the time your consumers spend on hold as their conversations are forwarded to other agents.

Increase the rate of first-contact resolution.

The need to transfer conversations or get back to customers after checking with another person within the business is avoided if your system directly directs the conversation to an agent who is able to manage and resolve it. It has the potential to skyrocket your First Contact Resolution Rate.

Increase in agent productivity

When your agents don’t have to spend time speaking with consumers who will eventually be sent to another agent, they can handle more of the customers who can truly help them, increasing their productivity.

Increases your client effort score (CES)

Contextual conversation routing allows you to significantly reduce consumer effort. Your clients do not need to waste time and energy speaking with many customer care reps before being switched to an agent who can deal with and resolve the issues they are experiencing. This makes doing business with you easy for them and can significantly lower your customer effort score.

Discover the benefits of contextual Routing

Provide better customer experience with contextual routing