Human Handover

Using human handover, provide immediate solutions to client issues.

When your bot can't handle a challenging conversation with a human handover, take control of the situation

Routing of conversations and seamless transitions

  • To route conversations, create teams.


  • Send the appropriate conversation to the team that can deal with the customer's problems in detail.


  • Give customers a smooth chat experience that makes them pleased and satisfied.

Transform the Conversations

  • Increase one-on-one interaction.


  • Utilize client qualifying information to customise each interaction.


  • With just one switch turn, add some humanity and keep your visitors.

Respond to Complex Questions

  • let you take control of the conversation when the bot goes "off-road" and steer it.


  • Respond to client inquiries that the bots are not trained to handle.


  • Every conversation should have a real-time response option and a SLA timeframe.

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