why omnichannel is extremely important ?

Create unique chat experiences for both web and mobile. Contextual assistance will be delivered automatically and effectively, Let your consumers to select the channel that best suits them. Be accessible to people wherever they are and cater to their channel preferences.


Secure and Quick Communication

Customers cannot skip your messages when using WhatsApp due to error. Customers can safely record and exchange voice chats with WhatsApp thanks to end-to-end encryption, as well as send and receive media-rich texts that include GIFs, videos, and candid photos. Unlike email and SMS, WhatsApp has high open rates, allowing you to inform recipients of transactions, confirmations, and bills without worrying about them being lost in the system.


Engage your customers in active, personalised conversation

Give your clients no opportunity to criticise you on social media. Instead, greet them as soon as they land on your page. Facebook is a fantastic medium for nurturing, reiterating, upselling, and cross-selling your goods. Hey, using Verloop.io, everything is automated, including gathering comments and updating your CSAT dashboard.


Make the best, first impression possible

The ideal entry points for making a great first impression and developing wonderful client experiences are website chatbots. When a customer has a problem, support them. Use traditional chat threads to present FAQs, gather contact information, solicit comments, and offer product suggestions. Recognize the issue's proclivity and encourage your agents and consumers to take action.


Create Automated, Scalable Live Support

Customers frequently use Instagram to research items. Your customers may message your companies on your profiles, stores, and stories using Instagram Messaging. You may manage and scale the discussions using the API. Additionally, you are no longer need to switch between channels. All client information and enquiries are available to your representatives in a single screen.