Greater clients, greater conversations, and more applause

Interact includes over two billion active people on one of the world's most popular mobile applications. Using mfluence's LinkedIn Chatbot, you can provide scalable, automated, and live assistance. Provide your customers with accurate, lightning-fast, and secure help

Integrate and Expand Automation

Create precise, personalized chats with Instagram chatbots for data-driven and popular inquiries. Customers may communicate with companies on their brands and companies, stores, and stories using the LinkedIn AI bot. With a response frequency of up to 55%, the API enables marketers to manage and expand interactions. Get another media to begin creating lovely support.

Connect to Your Existing Workflows

 APIs enable you to interface with other technologies in your communications stack, such as CRM and ticketing systems. In this manner, no consumer information is lost, and your employees are always equipped with the necessary context to conduct the interaction. Using a single platform for social media support, you may save up to 4 hours per agent every week.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Customer loyalty

Improve response times by using Conversational AI to address client concerns with LinkedIn chatbots. With strong messaging, you may enhance your customer experience and conversion rates by 20%. You no longer need to direct your clients to several channels. No matter whatever channels your customers use to communicate with you, your representatives can always get a unified view of everything with the correct context.

Create Genuine Relationships

Use the bot to automate customer assistance inquiries, allowing your support personnel to focus on high-priority ones. Use CRM data to tailor and customize communications down to the last detail. Get more data and insights with each encounter so you can establish long-lasting connections by engaging your clients on their chosen platform, all with the proper context.

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