# Amazing Feature For

Real-time assistance for your customers

Installing a quick-loading chat widget on your shop will enable you to interact with clients directly from your website and address their queries before they escalate to email tickets.

Engage in real-time discussions that result in swift resolutions

Showcase your products and give precise order information

To integrate your items and purchasing history directly into the helpdesk, Mfluencem connects to website. Your agents will be able to view what is in stock, share product links, amend orders, issue refunds, and more when they are conversing with customers in real-time.

Kickstart the conversation

Don't wait for an inquiry from a customer. Create a chat campaign to automatically send out messages, provide pro-active help, and/or promote sales. If they ask more questions afterward, your team of agents will be prepared!

Route queries to the appropriate agent or completely automate it

You can direct the conversation based on the most typical client queries using Quick Replies and Rules. Give your customer a quicker response while streamlining the triage procedure for your agents.

Make your chat widget a complete customer support solution

With the help of our Automation Add-on, you can offer self-service routines to cut down on WISMO requests and let consumers solve their own problems without ever opening a ticket.