Integrate WhatsApp to Improve Your Customer Experience

Join the 5 million companies that use WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, you can connect with over 2 billion people on the world's most popular app. Conversational AI may help you increase the amount and quality of your interactions with customers

Excellent WhatsApp support experience

24/7 customer service

On the platform where your consumers are spending the most time, support them. Use WhatsApp Chatbot API to respond to FAQs and engage in live chat with agents to discuss difficult issues. With a WhatsApp bot, you can set up rapid replies, use templates for auto-replies, and increase agent productivity.

Important Updates Notification

Customers will appreciate the automatic transactional communications you send to them. Share updates, reminders, and other alerts proactively with targeted segments of users. To solicit comments, distribute event invitations, and upsell your services, use the WhatsApp chatb

Personalize Conversations with Information

To greet consumers through chatbot, create unique greetings and customise welcome messages. The WhatsApp and MfluenceĀ integrations may sync your customer database to get the user's name, location, and recent chat history in order to personalise messages for each customer.

Make Customers Happy

Make it simple for your consumers to communicate with you. To improve customer experience, go where your customers are and accompany communications with media components such as graphics, videos, and so on. Engage at their convenience with round-the-clock service through WhatsApp chatbot.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a WhatsApp for Business App that is driven by Conversational AI and runs on the WhatsApp API. It enables you to automate and respond to consumer inquiries 24/7, and connect to a live person at scale.

Mfluence's WhatsApp Chatbot assists you with complete consumer interaction. It may be used to help gather and qualify leads, as well as nurture them to convert them to customers.

Depending on their needs, businesses may employ several sorts of WhatsApp services. To communicate with users, small companies utilise the WhatsApp Business app, while medium and big enterprises use the WhatsApp Business API chatbots.

While you can automate the majority of your support enquiries, some cannot be automated or handled by AI. To address these enquiries, you must have a live agent available.

Yes, WhatsApp chatbot allows you to automate more than 90% of your customer queries. Learn how Frontier Markets, Midtrans, ADIB, Scripbox, Lido Learning, Marathon, and Kaarva automated customer service with WhatsApp chatbots.

No, no coding or technical abilities are required to utilise the WhatsApp chatbot.

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