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Top uses for WhatsApp chatbots in the real estate industry

The secret weapon you’ve always wanted may be a chatbot for real estate on WhatsApp.

Real Estate vs Technology

Prospecting techniques including door-to-door canvassing, newsletters, fliers, and mass emails used to produce reliable results. Real estate agents might assert that they still do… Yes, such an oddity could appear in a little niche market. On a larger scale, nevertheless, you won’t be able to keep up with rivals who benefit from technology advancements.

To be completely honest, you can see real estate companies utilising cutting-edge technology, and there are plenty of creative startups like Buildium and Atlant on the market. On the other hand, realtors still lag behind in terms of how they interact with both current clients and prospective leads.

Sales and assistance in the real estate sector revolve around trust and quickness. As a result, many realtors are concerned that automation may turn off their leads. However, conventional modes of communication like email and phone conversations aren’t exactly exciting and inspiring either.

Insufficient speed and lack of a human touch make emails a poor choice for qualifying and “hooking” strong leads. Even though they are private, phone calls can be very upsetting for both the customer and the realtor. Additionally, both of these channels are often subject to the 9 to 5 working hours and demand a human agent’s attention.

In this situation, real estate chatbots are useful.

Here are some top uses for WhatsApp chatbots in real estate:

Producing leads

One of the best methods to use your WhatsApp real estate chatbot is in this manner. A potential customer can speak with your chatbot and get all of their questions answered if they find your WhatsApp business number from someone in their network, one of your other digital assets, a WhatsApp click-to-chat widget, or a QR code. The bot can then gather data about these potential customers and save it automatically in a CRM or spreadsheet that you and your team can access and use to power marketing efforts.

Developing profiles and Qualifying leads

Not every customer who engages with your business becomes a lead. You don’t even need them to, to be honest. You don’t want to squander your time talking to every single person that comes into contact with your organisation. The time of your sales team would be better spent talking to customers who genuinely want to purchase, sell, rent property, etc.

Your WhatsApp chat bot can step in at this point and start the first qualifying discussions with potential customers to determine whether they are genuinely interested and qualified to work with you.

Answering inquiries about properties from potential buyers

Prospective buyers will undoubtedly have some questions when looking at properties, queries they won’t be able to easily find the answers to online. These inquiries can relate to the typical monthly expenses, the history of the property, or prior owners or tenants. You could simply interface your WhatsApp chatbot with your real estate agency’s database and have the bot instantly get information from there rather than having to repeatedly manually answer these queries. You may also utilize the bot to respond to inquiries that potential clients might have regarding your business, policies, hours of operation, etc.

Arranging for property viewings

Your chatbot can assist your prospects in setting up an in-person property viewing with one of your representatives. The bot may even integrate with your team’s calendars so that it may display to your users the time slots that are open on particular dates and let them select the time slots that are most convenient for them (and for you). Even more so, a day or two prior to these prospects’ scheduled home viewings, your real estate bot can send them reminders over WhatsApp.


After the property visit, you don’t want to leave your prospects indefinitely unsure of their decisions. You should always follow up with them, and your chatbot can do so for you automatically. If your prospects are not interested in that property, the WhatsApp bot can offer them alternative options and make suggestions if they are ready to move forward with the deal. Prospects are kept interested in your business by following up with them, which reduces the likelihood that they will switch to a rival. ‍

Mortgage options

Your chatbot can even assist your consumers in determining their eligibility for a mortgage and learning about their possibilities. It might even give your clients advice on how to become mortgage-eligible. Your real estate WhatsApp chatbot can even be linked to your partner banks and lending organizations to alert them about potential clients and allow your users to apply for a mortgage straight through it. ‍

Trends analysis

Your property You may use the analytics dashboards on Mfluence to understand client behavior, and the WhatsApp chatbot can record the interactions you have with your customers. Additionally, you can export this data to analyze customer behavior using various analytics tools and identify trends that apply not only to the overall market but also to your target demographic and audience at large. This will also assist you in developing more accurate forecasts for market circumstances, business prospects, purchasing real estate, and pricing ranges.

Property valuation

Prospects can use your chatbot to provide some basic information about their property, such as the address and square footage, in order to receive a rough assessment of its value in the current market. Although it’s still an approximate estimate, this will benefit your clients. The users can even schedule a meeting with one of your representatives after reviewing the valuation to get a more accurate picture of the value.

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