chatbot for FoodTech

Conversational AI for Dynamic Support in FoodTech

Give consumers the service they want and offer value by personalizing and streamlining interactions

what we offer

Real Time Feedback

Create and distribute unique survey forms, and interact with guests in real time to learn about their problems.

Use a real-time feedback system to monitor what guests are saying about your restaurant, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve their concerns.

Notify guests about ongoing offers and automate upselling efforts to promote different items on the menu

Automatic or manual notice to your visitors in the event of a successful or unsuccessful event or transaction

Create themes for each channel you use to communicate with visitors in order to provide them a seamless tailored experience. SMS, WhatsApp, and email (Pre-Checkin, Checkout, Feedback bad, Neutal)

Clever Marketing

Instant Messaging

By automating guest communication, you may gain insights about consumer attitudes, behaviour, and other patterns. to interact and connect with your visitors

Use a real-time feedback system to monitor what patrons are saying about your restaurant. This will allow you to respond quickly to resolve any issues that arise.

Here is where integrative customer support begins !