Employ FAQ chatbot to cut down on support costs and volume

Mfluence’s FAQ Chatbots Save Volumes Of Support Staff Bandwidth And Cut Down The Support Costs Significantly

Create Interactive Bots Using FAQ Builder

Make conversing while responding to dry Q&As fun. Create a clever knowledge base and only transfer discussions that actually need human input

Use a knowledge base to power your FAQ bot

You may design intents, utterances, and replies for your FAQ bot using its AI-powered knowledge base. You may improve the customer experience by automating responses to the most frequent questions.

When absolutely required, turn over to an agent

By answering all frequently asked questions, FAQ bots serve as your agents' first line of defence, transferring only discussions that truly need their involvement. You may anticipate increased agent productivity as bots take over addressing routine and uninteresting questions.

Enhance communication by providing feedback

Get user feedback by earning a thumbs up or a thumbs down for each response the bot offers to determine how successfully your FAQ Bot is taught. To improve the knowledge base and provide better replies, analyse this feedback data.