Gmail isn’t designed to assist in customer service management

Managing customer service from a shared email might be difficult. What you need is an email ticketing system like Mfluence that addresses customer care with simple ticketing and allows for seamless cooperation to ensure your support remains effective and timely.

Are email ticketing systems more effective for customer service?

Incoming emails are automatically converted into tickets using an email ticketing
system or email help desk software, making them simple to track, monitor, and
The possibility of two agents picking up the same client email or missing emails
entirely without a suitable tracking mechanism is eliminated with a helpdesk
ticketing system, which also provides customisable inbox views and logins for each
member of your team.
The key benefit of using an email ticketing system is that it gives everyone on the
team clear information about the ticket’s owner, kind, status, and priority. This
increases transparency, keeps all of your customer service representatives on the
same page, and makes sure that no client interaction gets lost.

Shared inboxes are ineffective- why?

It is tough to provide customer care via email. To manage issues, you need
sophisticated folder structures or perplexing color-coded tags, and as the number of
support requests grows, teamwork becomes a headache.
Managing several mailboxes for different teams and products quickly reduces your
efficiency. You may wind yourself missing customer conversations that require your
urgent attention, causing your customers’ pleasure to suffer.

What advantages do you gain by switching from a shared inbox to email help desk software like Mfluence?

Mfluence enables you to boost customer satisfaction and agent productivity while streamlining email and social media ticket management.

Boost support accuracy

Routing, labelling, and following up on support tickets are examples of tasks that might take a lot of time and effort to complete manually. By automating these processes with flexible workflow automation rules that operate on various criteria and agent availability, you may free up the time of your support team. Agents are informed when a ticket has been assigned, modified, or is getting close to a SLA deadline so they may take quick action and provide prompt assistance.

Eliminate repeated tasks

It can get tedious to type the same sentences over and over again. Mfluence allows you to quickly respond to frequently asked issues by using solution articles, canned responses.

Give clients self-service options

Today, the majority of clients would rather get answers on their own than speak with an agent. Empower your consumers to help themselves by creating a rich knowledge base with FAQs and help guides. You can avoid up to 60% of customer service queries and lessen agent workload by having a comprehensive knowledge base. You can also create user forums or discussion boards where users can assist one another.

Provide support with historical context

Customers detest having to repeat themselves and want you to have pertinent knowledge about their order history and previous interactions because context is king in today's society. Every customer has a unique timeline on Mfluence, which provides full context and a history of all the discussions they've had with your staff, allowing them to improve the customer experience. Additionally,Mfluence prevents agents from responding to consumers without having all the facts and the most recent developments.

Utilize easy reporting to evaluate productivity

Analytics and reporting are crucial for finding gaps in your customer service plan. Utilize Mfluence's one-click reports to track the appropriate data so you can see how quickly your staff answers issues or at what times they are busiest. Utilize live dashboards to get a bird's-eye perspective of your customer service and gain insight into team performance and client satisfaction in real time.