AI Agent Assist Improves Agent Performance

Mfluence's AI Agent Assist provides your customer service employees with the knowledge they need to address issues more effectively and efficiently — all while providing clients with the speed and personalisation they expect.

Making qualified leads simple

Live Chat Agent is about how it works and how we focus on what is truly important. Our victory is that we get to complete the difficult job that follows.

A live chat interaction in the middle of an online transaction helped 44% of online shoppers decide.

38% of consumers made a purchase as a result of a live chat session in which their inquiries were answered by a real person.

After implementing managed Live Talk services, income per chat hour increased by 48%.

Live Chat Agent transforms your website into a strong lead generating machine that generates qualified leads and drives sales.

Increase your leads by engaging in meaningful conversations

A customer’s journey is never easy. Choosing among a plethora of possibilities may be excruciating. Our Live Chat Agents engage with potential customers and assist them around your site, making it easy and stress-free for them to find their way.
We have meaningful dialogues in which we provide answers, insights, and suggestions to assist clients to make educated decisions.
What we don’t do is bother your visitors by requesting their name or phone number before we understand their problem. Our Live Chat representatives have been extensively educated to:

  • Recognize consumer requirements
  • Recognize your services
  • Coordinate with your marketing activities
  • Make yourself an extension of your team

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