Put user behavior into a visual

Heatmaps show where visitors click, scroll, and move on your website

uncover what catches the eye

Discover which elements consumers are drawn to and which they completely overlook.Discover which elements consumers are drawn to and which they completely overlook.

find out what is ignored

Use scroll maps to pinpoint the exact location when people stop scrolling and leave.

analyze activity before and after a launch

Watch where users scroll, click, and move both before and after a change is made.

analyse computers, tablets, and phones

Discover how your user’s behavior varies depending on the device they are using.

Analyze the results of your changes

Do you want to see if your recent update is really engaging users? Heatmaps will show you whether or not it is attracting attention.

Quit assuming where users click

Don't let your hunches dictate how to develop your product. To prioritize what you produce, collect trustworthy data from real people.

Identify challenges you haven't predicted

Find the problems that QA overlooks, such as unclickable buttons or content that won't load.

A few more reasons to try Mfluence's Heatmaps

Unlimited heatmaps

Heatmaps for every page on your site

Easy installation

Set up heatmaps on every single page using just one script

Unlimited users

No limits on the number of Mfluence users. Share heatmaps with anyone on your team

Click, scroll & move maps

Three different heatmaps to analyze how users behave

Combine multiple pages

Got slightly different versions of a page? Combine them into one heatmap

Compare over time

Set the date range to compare user behavior from one month to the next

View what your customers view

On your website, recordings are replays of visitors scrolling, moving, u-turning, and rage clicking

 Record the entire user experience

You can chart the user's entire experience from start to finish.

Observe the user in-depth

recently made a change? Watch records to make sure it is functioning as they should.

Review user cohorts

Marks and devious Semikoli but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen. She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way.

Identify issues, pain points, and bugs

Filter down to recordings of user's rage clicking and u-turning to troubleshoot, fast.

Find your next brilliant idea

Searching for ideas? You can find possibilities to improve your product by spending five minutes observing genuine users of it.

Decide what to create next based on priority

Keep internal thoughts from dictating your course of action. To decide what to create, use recordings to compile trustworthy evidence of actual user experience.

Obtain approval for your ideas

Recordings are difficult to ignore, but numbers are. Use recordings to jumpstart your next project and get everyone on the same page, from engineers to executives.

A few more reasons to try Mfluence's Recordings

Rage clicks & u-turns

Recordings automatically identify when a user rage clicks or u-turns, helping you spot issues

365 days of storage

We’ll store your recordings for one year so you can compare user behavior over time

Built with privacy in mind

Our privacy features protect you and the people who visit your site.

Compare sources of traffic

Do visitors from paid ads act differently to direct traffic? Filter recordings by referrer URL to find out