chatbot for retail and E- commerce

We Can Help You Renovate Your Online Store!

With e-commerce chatbots, you can provide your consumers with the finest purchasing experience possible. Enable a conversational commerce experience in which customers can pick, shop, and pay just by conversing.

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The majority of the buyer's journey is done digitally.

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E-commerce accounts for a portion of overall retail sales.

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A chat assistant is used by customers to make purchases

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Users utilize chat assistants to order everyday requirements.

Why should you use Mfluence's E-commerce chatbots?

  • Customer service across several channels

  • NLP engine developed in-house

  • Proactive multilingual assistance

  • Scalable and customizable

  • Advanced contextual comprehension

  • Handover of live agents

  • Customer intelligence

  • Simple integrations

  • There is no code development.